Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 24 : Spring 2015 - Page 11

“Presque Isle Youth Hockey has become like a second family to the members of the Carlisle household. All three of our children love participating in the game of hockey, and PIYH provides a safe and fun environment for them to participate in the game they love on a regular basis throughout the winter season. My children are always ready to lace up their skates and join their teammates on the ice. Being a part of PIYH provides lots of physical activity for our children, but also social development as well as they learn to think and act as a team. My children have developed very strong relationships with their teammates that is evidenced both on and off the ice. PIYH has taught them how to work hard, to achieve success, and also how to handle defeat and disappointment. The children also get to experience their parents coming together to support them, not only as cheerleaders, but also as leaders in fund raising and other supports of that nature. We are very appreciative of how PIYH has promoted growth for our children, not only athletically, but in character as well.” - Amy Carlisle “As a parent I strive to engage my children in activities that foster healthy living and help develop interpersonal skills that will last a lifetime. Through Presque Isle Youth hockey we have discovered a community that not only helps develop athletic skills, but that teaches the players strong values. This program encourages them to be team players and to respect each other. The coaches are phenomenal and truly care about the players, both on and off the ice.” - Beth Boone SPRING 2015 9