Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 18 : Fall 2013 - Page 82

To Those I Love by Martha Stevens-David I have seen vast fields of clover And the mountains at great height I have loved the rivers and the trees And Maine all snowy white… I have seen eagles when they soar And watched the salmon leap I have seen deer with their fawns As they lay down to sleep… I have seen acres of green potatoes And miles of golden grain I’ve smelled spring’s purple lilacs And tasted summer’s rain… I have trod the path of soldiers And seen my share of pain I have laid my life on the line And traveled home again Now that my work is finished And my life on earth is through Just look for me beyond the stars Because there I’ll wait for you… An Original Poem by M. Stevens-David 11/08/06 82 FALL 2013 Photo © 2013 Our Maine Street