Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 18 : Fall 2013 - Page 34

Guide’s Country by Skyla Hamilton Whether you are hunting birds, bucks or bears, hiring a Maine State Registered Guide can send your hunting experience into one of catching, landing, and filling your freezer at the end of the day, not to mention learning a thing or two from a person who is knowledgeable of the Great Maine Woods. Walking in the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau, a person can still experience the vast wildness of the northeast while walking in the forests that he too treaded upon many years ago. In the Great Maine Woods, one can still careen with nature and hunt like the natives and our forefathers did but with the advantages of technology. No longer donning beaver hides and coon skin caps, we can now wear our GoreTex and polypropylene to stay warm and dry while in the pursuit of the hunt. However, do not be shocked when your Guide looks like they may have stepped out of a 1920’s L.L. Bean catalog. He or she may have learned a thing or two, and new is not always bigger and better. Time-tested gear worms its way into a Guide’s heart, and whether it is sentimental or just works, the Guide knows what they need to get the job done. The benefits of hiring a Guide far outweigh the losses. With a Guide you have a knowledgable person by your side to help keep you out of trouble, direct you to the game, and if you still find trouble, they will help get you 34 FALL 2013 to safety as quickly as possible. Guide’s, all the while, will be educating you on proper technique, gear and informing you of the history and natural environment that surrounds you during the hunt. Since Maine has been a State, Guide’s have been the natural embassadors to their clients. Maine State Guides historically have been showing “out of staters” the Great Maine Woods and the little secret hidden gems for decades. Many people come to Northern Maine for the once of a lifetime experience of winning the lottery. The moose lottery that is, and to double their return, they generally hire a guide or go to a hunting camp where the legacy of moose hunting has been in existence for centuries. Guide’s have the capability of taking the experience to the next level, all the while telling stories of the past, of how trappers and lumbermen hunted before you. They might even throw in someone famous to pique your interest. If and when you come to the Great North Woods, go hunting with an expert and enjoy the journey of a lifetime. Check out our website at www.fortkentchamber.com for a list of premier hunting and fishing guide’s and lodges for your next hunting adventure.