Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 18 : Fall 2013 - Page 15

As with the rest of the wedding, the decorations were rustic. Pinterest™, an online bulletin board, inspired many of Gabrielle’s ideas. Looking at those pins, I realized that most of the items could be recreated easily with things we already had on our land: logs, wood slabs, wooden circles. City girls were paying upwards of $105 for wooden signs and $50 for a cake stand made of three pieces of a tree; I even saw a rustic backdrop for $145. They were buying birch bark napkin rings, wildflowers, and burlap table runners and paying thousands of dollars to rent tents, tables and chairs, and even horses for photo opportunities. Here, in The County, we had or could easily find all of these goods. This is where even more County family pitched in to help us. When our neighbor, Bob, saw my husband and me hauling fallen trees from the woods behind our house, he came over with his chainsaw and cut the trees into small pieces for table decor. When he learned we needed logs to hold mason jars of flowers, he cut up some of his recently delivered firewood logs. When we needed burlap for table runners, I went to Marden’s bought the burlap, cut them to size and took them to our local seamstress, Pat, to surge them. Voila! We had the same table runners people were charging upwards of $20 for online. Speaking of Pat, Gabrielle trusted no one but Pat Troike, of Pat’s Sewing Room in Fort Fairfield, to alter her gown. Coming up for her first fitting was eas 䰁