Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 18 : Fall 2013 - Page 14

I enjoy more cerebral forms of entertainment and often complain about the limited cultural and educational opportunities available to me. I also complain about the limited choices in dining, shopping and entertainment. But, Gabrielle and Rhon’s wedding has encouraged me to contemplate what we do have here, in The County. We have beautiful open spaces. We have roads free of traffic jams. We have pristine waters and abundant wildlife. But, most of all, we have family. Helping the newlyweds search for locales, decorations, food and other wedding necessities, I realized that the people of The County truly are family. This wedding has reinforced what I have always known, but not always acknowledged. Starting with the search for a ceremony site and 14 FALL 2013 ending with the day of the wedding, I witnessed how the people of The County do whatever they can to help others. When we approached the Ulmans about holding the ceremony at their cabin, they were enthusiastic and treated us as if we were members of their own household. They gave us a tour of their land, made suggestions for ceremony locations, gave us hints for making everything easier and offered to help in whatever ways they could. The town of Fort Fairfield, Dan Foster in particular, did the same. From the use of the F.A.R.M. Park to the recreation department’s tables and chairs, everything we needed was right here in our little town.