Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 12 : Spring 2012 - Page 56

and the purchasing of eyewear for those deemed in financial need; •We have been supporting the Aroostook Teen Leadership Summer Program for the last ten years; •“Seed” money is granted for a popular valley-wide cancer fund that focuses on the needs of cancer survivors and their families; •We have been a sponsor for the Can Am Crown for the last 12 years; •Donations have been granted to Lonesome Pine Trails for their purchase of a snowmaking gun; •An annual scholarship is awarded to a FKCHS senior, as selected by our Scholarship Committee; •We are a gold sponsor for WFKT Channel 4; •We have been offering contributing funds to the St. John Valley Hope and Justice Project for over seven years; •We are a major sponsor of the “Hook a Kid on Golf Program” provided by the Fort Kent Golf Club. We purchase annually 25 sets of golf clubs for children (ages 6 to 13) who are given the set upon their conclusion of the program; •We purchased in 2005 new air packs and in 2009 new Jaws of Life for the Fort Kent Fire Dept.; •Donations were made to the Fort Kent Senior Center for their Air Conditioning Project; •Committed a major donation to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort; •Purchase and install annually the Christmas street lights, decorating our town street lamp posts, and sponsor the annual “Christmas Tree Lighting Project” at our local library; •On behalf of Northern Maine Medical Center we have purchased cardiovascular rehabilitation services and equipment; •We support valley-wide “Special Need Adults” and community-wide elderly projects; •We have been a strong advocate and support for our local high school sports teams, purchasing team items such as sets of golf clubs for each member of the team, and the purchasing of team uniforms for the schools ski team and girls soccer teams, and have; •Donated countless hours of in kind services. Membership spearheading many committees for annual ATV Poker Runs, the Scarecrow Festival, the International Muskie Derby, and the Can AM International Sled Dog Races, including the many gratuitous charitable benefits that our own “Lion’s Club Band”: (AKA Boomer-Ang) play for, to simply list a few. Perhaps our greatest response has been to the outdoor recreational opportunities that can be enjoyed throughout 56 SPRING 2012 all four seasons. From the “call of the wild,” the Fort Kent Lions have responded to large community needs and ticket items. We have been a major factor in funding the Riverside Playground Park in 1986. In 1989, we oversaw the RV Park. In 1999, our club was responsible for the construction of a large gazebo that provides not only beautification, but also a setting for quiet time in the park. In 2002, the club then added restrooms for park visitors. Finally, this past year we constructed an imposing 6000-square-foot pavilion, known as the “Lions Den” that can be utilized for large group gatherings. Without fanfare or credit for the thousands of man-hours and commitment by our members in seeing all these projects to fruition, and without credit or honor to those involved, all has been graciously endowed to the town of Fort Kent. What best defines who we are and what our history has become as a club, is not so much what we have done, but how we have gone about it, in making it all happen. We sustain, because of a shared vision and a resolute to act upon decisions rendered by the majority. With an invigorating spirit, we collectively move forward in our response. In 2006 we produced our first “Fort Kent Lions Club Limited Edition Calendar,” yielding impressive financial returns. Each alternate year we print out the “Fort Kent Lions Club Telephone Directory” that also supports our financial coffer. However, our greatest funds-raiser continues to be “The Pride of the Lions Show.” Here in jolly and jest, we drop our pretenses, as we have done fashionably for over twentysome odd years, “in-standing room only,” entertaining folks countywide, with a slate of incredibly gifted actors, in our “Pride of The Lions” show. Our story be told, can best be express and summarized by an 82-year-old man (since deceased) who agreed to be in the Lion’s 2006 Calendar. Etched in the veins of each of our members is the premise of unselfish commitment, emul ]Y