Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 12 : Spring 2012 - Page 5

Co n t e n t s April, May and June 2012 In This Issue 14 Aroostook Weddings 34 Aroostook Ever After by Amanda Knox 40 Midsommar by Carolyn Hildebrand 46 The Fanciful Fiddlehead by Jan Grieco 52 The Silver Lining Fort Kent Lions Club by Clarence “Cur” Soucy 58 Water Access by Joe Powers 62 Gram Russo’s 64 Get Your Garden Growing by Kim Jones 66 Choosing Between Food, Fuel and Medications by Dottie Hutchins 68 Your Blood Pressure by Professional Home Nursing 70 Community Voices by Michelle Plourde Chasse 72 Community College Month by Karen Gonya 74 Outstanding Citizens & Businesses of Central Aroostook 75 Focus On Community Service & Learning 76 A Guide to Our Back Issues