Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 12 : Spring 2012 - Page 37

Aroostook Ever After by Amanda Jenkins Knox The word “wedding” conjures up many images in a person’s mind: elegant flowers, lace, tulle, satin gowns, elaborately decorated cakes, and tuxedos with bow ties. “Aroostook County” may not make the list of elegant wedding-related items for many people, but two years ago when my husband got down on one knee and asked me to share my life with him, I knew The County was exactly where I wanted to say “I do.” For those of us who grew up as “County kids”, this place is more than just a rural stretch of land hidden away in the far reaches of northern Maine. The County gets under your skin and into your veins; it becomes a part of you that you can never erase, no matter where you may live for the rest of your life. I’ve spent plenty of time outside of The County – and outside of the state of Maine. But after four years of college in western New York, two years of graduate school in Boston, and a year of working in Albany, the pull of The County brought me back to my roots. So a year later when beginning to plan our wedding, I couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. My husband and I considered numerous wedding venues: coastal Maine chapels with views of the ocean, outdoor tented wedding venues in upstate New York, wedding halls perched in the midst of the Catskill mountains with breathtaking views – and although they were all stunning and elegant and perfect wedding locales, nothing seemed to feel right until we decided to marry in the heart of The County on a warm fall day. I knew our choice would have its share of drawbacks – northern Maine was a long drive for our New York guests; the weather can be unpredictable in the fall; our style of living (and wedding planning) may not be quite as elegant as some more up-scale locations – but the benefits far outweighed those drawbacks. Few places are prettier than Aroostook County in the fall; the strong sense of community made finding WINTER 2012 Northern Maine General 37 SPRING 2012