Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 1 : Summer 2009 - Page 80

Our decision to move to Aroostook County was in the making years before we actually moved. My husband was ready for a new job, our area was increasingly becoming busier and busier, essentially becoming a tourist town year round. Our kids in grammar school were growing up too fast. In our heads we had the image of Aroostook County as a wholesome place to raise your children. The area seemed like it would be something from the Andy Griffeth show, that of dirt roads and people sitting on their back porches sipping iced tea and listening to the crickets. With this image in our minds, we packed up and decided to move within a month. The sale of our house had fallen through the week before and while it was still on the market we decided to rent it out. We had already purchased our farm, so we pushed on. Now you would have to understand how sheltered I was as a young m