Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 1 : Summer 2009 - Page 62

by William H. Beardsley, Ph.D. with additions by Carolyn Dorsey-Durepo Husson is recognized as a premier institution of higher learning in northern New England. The willingness to be an active participant in encouraging growth and development in our region is characteristic of a university. Husson’s class size and community atmosphere however are typical of high-quality small colleges. As a university, we will continue to emphasize these traditional strengths. The Board of Trustees voted and approved the name change in recognition, not of what we aspire to be, but what we’ve already become. In voting to become a university the Board has focused on the importance of retaining the enduring values that have been with the institution since its founding in the 1890’s. Husson’s mission and academic core have endured with the times yet evolve to serve the everchanging needs of Maine’s economy and professional work force. Husson