Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 1 : Summer 2009 - Page 57

(Our Maine Street) How long have you been in business, and if you could do it again would you change anything? travel the whole northern part of the county. We are very fortunate to live in an area that encompasses so many good people. There’s just no place like Aroostook County. (Joe Fitzpatrick) We’ve been in business for 21 years now. Some of the business decisions that came my way, I’ve had second thoughts on but then I reached back deep and said ,no I did it right and I wouldn’t of changed that. So basically the decision that we made, we’d probably stick with them for the most part. (Our Maine Street) Along with your furniture and Serta sales, you also sell flooring. What can you tell us about the flooring lines you carry? (Joe Fitzpatrick) We are a member of the flooring network which is one of the largest buying groups of floor covering material & products in the north east. What it does is, it (Our Maine Street) Can you explain to us the different gives us a better edge on pricing and gives us a far fuller products and brands you carry? line to choose from. the big thing it gets us is quality products at a lower price and that a big thing. Truly it (Joe Fitzpatrick) Two of the major brands we carry are the enables us to buy flooring products whether it is insulation Serta mattress line of mattress’s that we’ve had for 21 of the material, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, or hardwood at a lower years we’ve been in business. We’ve never looked back on price. And you know you can be competitive. and that’s that one. A real quality product, the key here is the quality. what we are, we like it. The other one that we handle, that we started with these people on a very small scale back about 15 years ago is (Our Maine Street)What are your thoughts on your staff at Best Home Furnishing that makes motion furniture like FFN? recliners & recliner sofa rockers and more. They’ve also expanded into stationary furniture. So those are two lines. (Joe Fitzpatrick) Right from the get go my wife and I Probably one of the best lines of furniture we’ve started the store and there was just