Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 1 : Summer 2009 - Page 54

(Our Maine Street) Who are your chefs? Aroostook Eats Boondock’s Grille (Our Maine Street) Can you introduce yourselves to our readers? (Steve & Vicki) Vicki is from Brewer and Steve was born and raised in Fort Fairfield. We spent twenty four years in New Hampshire and moved back to Fort Fairfield last fall with son Stephen Jr. 15. We have a son Zack who is enrolled at UNH in his senior year and Jared who is working and living in Louisiana. (Our Maine Street) Can you fill us on in the history you have with the restaurant business? (Steve & Vicki) Steve grew up in the restaurant business working with his parents Willis and Pearl who had a local restaurant for over forty years. Vicki was working as a manager at a local Brewer tavern when we met. She had over fifteen years of experience at that time. Recently we owned and operated a successful drilling and blasting company while in New Hampshire and sold that business in 2004. (Our Maine Street) What is the theme of your establishment? (Steve & Vicki) Boondock’s Grille has a hunting lodge theme with many of Steve’s trophy animals he acquired through many years of hunting and fishing. They include white tail deer from NH, ME & Canada, turkey, fisher, partridge, a striped bass and the center piece, a full mount timber wolf. Vicki designed the rich colors and wood which ties the whole theme together into a warm and inviting combination of comfortable booths and tables in the main dining room. There is a separate room with a big screen tv and a stone fireplace to enjoy a foot ball game or just relax with one of your favorite beer or wines and an appetizer. We also have a private room you can reserve with seating for up to 35, this is decorated with local historical harvest tools and artifacts. Be sure to check it out when you visit. 52 Aroostook Eats SUMMER & FALL 09 (Steve & Vicki) Our chefs are both locals, Stacy Brooker who has many years of experience working in the kitchens of many fine local restaurants and Matt Jenkins, a young upstart who graduated from the New England Culinary School in Vermont, along with Fran and Brooke who are the prep cooks and Paul and Dustin who are both great line cooks. (Our Maine Street) What is your menu like? (Steve & Vicki) We have something for everybody but our specialty is a great selection of steaks, T-Bone, Rib Eye, a Steak Special and marinated steak tips and our fresh seafood. We also have a great pizza, and daily specials. (Our Maine Street) Any favorites? (Steve & Vicki) We all come with our specialties and favorites, Vicki makes all the cheese cakes and triple layer cakes, Fran makes the pies, Matt makes the seafood chowder to order which many say is the best they have ever had. (Ed. Note: Your editor would agree with that.) Stacy makes a great pounded chicken with lemon and capers over linguini. I can’t list it all, so your best to come in and try it out. ( Our Maine Street) What sets your restaurant apart from others? (Steve & Vicki) I’ve heard from new customers that our atmosphere and décor is great, our food is excellent and our staff is friendly. I don’t think this sets apart from others, but it is a combination of the key ingredients that it takes for a restaurant to be successful in such a competitive market. (Our Maine Street) Boondock’s is located on Main Street in Fort Fairfield and is open 11am - 8pm Tuesday through Thursday, 11am-9pm Friday through Saturday, 8am-1pm on Sunday and is closed on Mondays.