Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 1 : Summer 2009 - Page 23

The North Maine Woods: More Than Just for Hunting by Janet Kelle When thinking on the North Maine Woods most people would say that they are are just a place for hunters and fisherman.While the area is a great location for those activities it has much more to offer for a wider range of activities such as: Wild life viewing. The Woods’ miles of undeveloped land and variety of roads provide excellent opportunities to see many species of animal whether you want to stay on the main thoroughfares or venture off onto the lesser traveled paths. Sightings of moose, deer, various birds and the occasional bear are commonplace and provided excellent photo opportunities. Camping. The North Maine Woods contains many locations to stop and set up camp along its many rivers, lakes and streams. The North Maine Woods can accommodate practically any camping experience that you may be looking for. From tenting, to campers, to rustic cabins rentals, the avid camper has many options available. Hiking. The North Maine Woods is a hikers’ playground. Our editors recommend a hike around DeBoulie lake over the rock slide, up the mountain, investigating the ice caves, getting an eagle’s eye view from the fire tower, take a refreshing swim at the sand beach, hike through the thoroughfare to Gardener Lake and before leaving stop by Red River Falls to experience sitting under the falls. Fishing Tip: DeBoulie and Big Reed Lakes are two of only a handful of lakes which support blue-back trout in Maine. For information on fees, camp sites, cabin rentals or other questions you may have about the North Maine Woods visit www.northmainewoods.org or call 207-435-6213. SUMMER & FALL 09 Mх卅ѥ