Ottumwa Life Holiday 2018 - Page 27

mulch and requires that they be free of tinsel and other decorations. Collection dates are typically released shortly after Christmas Day. If you do opt for a live Christmas tree this year, it’s not too early to pick yours out. Atwood noted that many of their customers come in the weekend after Thanksgiving to pick out their tree and keep it up until after New Year’s Day. “It’s all dependent on temperature and the humidity of the house. If cared for properly, your tree should stay fresh for you throughout the season.” Prairie Hills at ottumwa ASSISTED A ASSI AS SS SIST SI I ST ISTED S T ED E D LIVING L IV I V IN I N G & MEMORY M E MO ME MEMO M O RY R Y CARE C A CA AR RE R E ASSISTED LIVING & MEMORY CARE LȐȽȨɄɑ0ȨɨȨȽȝȃǸȽǾȐȇȨпȐɑȐȽɜѱѱѱ 0ȐɜɤɕLȣɄɬɴɄɤȣɄɬѳѳ Photos provided by Angie Atwood Atwood’s sells four varieties of trees: Scotch pine and balsam fir (longer needles) and white pine and Fraser fir (shorter needles). Owner Angie Atwood says keeping the tree in water is vital to making it last through the Christmas season. ɜ @ɑǸȨɑȨȐ ȨȵȵɕǸɜ<ɜɜɤȹɬǸѮ residents enjoy an active, engaging lifestyle that promotes ɬȐȵȵȽȐɕɕ & independence 173 E. Rochester Avenue | Ottumwa, IA 52501 641-684-1871 | Metro Creative