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Kimberly Cluff Total Weight Lost: 38 lbs. Inches Lost: 23.5 inches What motivated you to participate in the Slim & Sassy contest? Being a mother of eight keeps me pretty busy. After my fifth child, I was able to lose all the pregnancy weight. Unfortunately, that changed with my last three. Losing weight became a struggle. Not only could I not keep the weight off, but I gradually started putting more on. I felt trapped and tried everything I could think of to regain control. I tried weight loss products, aerobics, training for and running a half marathon—all without losing a pound. I wanted to be a better example for my children of healthy living, and the Slim & Sassy competition allowed me to do that. Tips for Success: During the competition, I lost a total of 38 lbs. and 23.5 in. I continued to follow my Slim & Sassy lifestyle routine, and to date I have lost a total of 56 pounds. Thanks dōTERRA! 1. T  ake the Lifelong Vitality pack! 5. Replace one to two meals with the Slim & Sassy TrimShakes. 2. Write down specific goals with specific deadlines. Be realistic. 6. Drink lots of water with Lemon essential oil. 7. E  xercise at least five days a week. 3. Find someone that will hold you accountable and be encouraging. 8. Get rid of your big clothes immediately! Reward yourself with new 4. U  se five drops of Slim & Sassy clothes instead of treats. Metabolic Blend five times a day. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 9