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Fat-Loss Accelerators REDUCE WHITE White sugar, dairy fats, white flour white rice, potatoes, bananas, etc. REDUCE HIGH CALORIE BEVERAGES EAT RIGHT! Eating right is an important part of any weight management regimen. Monitoring portion size as well as choosing healthful, nutrient-dense foods can make the difference between whether Fruit juice, sodas & colas, sports drinks, alcohol, etc. GRAZING VS. FEASTING you feel great during your program or lack energy. A helpful way to remember portion size* is shown in this diagram, as well as useful tips that can help you get the most out of your weight management plan. 3 healthy meals a day GOOD 6 mini meals a day BETTER HYDRATION The foundation of any good diet ensures you are receiving the nutrients your body needs. The Daily Nutrient Pack allows individuals the flexibility to personalize their wellness program according to their needs, while 5 servings (20 drops) of Slim & Sassy blend mixed with water throughout the day 16 receiving basic nutrients found in Microplex MVp™ and xEO Mega®.