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Support Your System Healthy Living Starts on the Inside Our DigestZen line of supplements and Zendocrine Softgels help you maintain a healthy digestive system and support weight management efforts when you exercise, change your diet, and stay hydrated. ® ® How to Use: GX Assist®: Take 1–3 softgels a day with meals for 10 days PB Assist®+: Take 1–3 capsules with meals Zendocrine® Complex: Take 1 capsule with morning and evening meals Zendocrine® Softgel: Take softgels 2­–3 times daily as needed 14 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food a BG'VrF֖7G&FF2&GV7B2BFVFVBFFv6RG&VB7W&R"&WfVBF6V6Rࠠ