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Is it safe to use essential oils internally? If you have never used essential oils internally before, it might seem strange to consume something so powerful and potent. However, essential oils come from plants, fruits, and compounds found in nature, and therefore present a safe way to receive internal benefits. You are most likely already incorporating essential oils into your daily diet, as many of the foods we eat contain a small amount of essential oil. Because our Keep in mind that not all essential oils are safe for internal use—some essential oils are never appropriate to use internally. We will discuss these essential oils more in chapters two and four. bodies are designed to metabolize and process natural compounds like plants and fruit, we are already equipped to metabolize* essential oils. Essential oils are merely high concentrations of natural compounds—the part that gives plants their taste and smell. While some essential oils are *Metabolism: the life-sustaining never appropriate for internal consumption, there are plenty of oils that chemical reactions that occur in can be safely taken internally and processed by the body—much like cells that help the body with growth, other substances found in nature. reproduction, resiliency, and response As you will read in chapter two, there is substantial research to support to the environment. the validity of safely using essential oils internally. The science behind internal use As mentioned, we already consume small amounts of essential oils in our daily diet, so our bodies are equipped to process these types of nutrients. Like other things we consume, essential oils are processed through our body when taken internally, providing the body with specific benefits. When an essential oil is ingested, it is transported through the gastrointestinal tract, directly into the bloodstream, where it is then carried throughout the rest of the body. As lipid soluble compounds, essential oils can easily be transported to all of the body’s organs, even the brain. Because essential oils can be delivered to the organs of the body, they are processed (like other things we consume) through metabolization by the liver and other organs, and then excreted. While our bodies are designed to metabolize and process natural compounds like essential oils, it is important to remember that the body can only handle essential oils in appropriate doses. You’ll learn about appropriate dosage later, but remember that when using essential oils internally, always consider dosage and consumption levels on an oil-by-oil basis. Each essential oil contains different chemical components that will cause unique reactions within the organs and cells of the body. By considering the chemistry and recomm ended dosage for each individual essential oil, it is possible to safely reap the benefits of internal usage.