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“The problem is that colleges and universities in a 24 x 7 operations center, conducting risk have small teams. They don’t typically have the assessments and delivering final presentations resources in-house to dedicate people solely to to corporate executives. This model of on the cybersecurity, unlike a financial services firm or other large corpora- job training cannot Higher education is ideally po- tions,” Wilson noted. sitioned to offer a service that “And, in order to pass involves sharing resources and a standard cyberse- educating tomorrow’s work- curity audit, colleges and universities are force. We are already a collab- be duplicated in an “academic only” environment. The University will establish a fully functional cyberse- expected to prove that orative space and the cyberse- they are adhering to curity framework is a natural supports the MCIEN basic steps, like col- extension of that environment. goals and deliver- curity center that lecting and monitoring ables, headquar- security logs.” Above tered at the UMASS all else, the open and collaborative environ- The cybersecurity center will focus (initially) on providing the following cybersecurity services: – Larry Wilson Chief Information Security Officer for the UMASS President’s Office President’s Office in Shrewsbury, MA, ment of higher educa- with satellite offices tion makes it a fertile at UMASS campuses environment for such a program. “Higher education is ideally positioned to offer a service that involves sharing resources and educating tomorrow’s workforce. We are already a collaborative space and the cyberse- Help customers design and build their cybersecurity programs. 2. Cybersecurity Operations Help customers run, test, operate, and monitor their cybersecurity programs. 3. Advanced Threat & Vulnerability Management Help customers identify and remediate threats and/or vulnerabilities that could impact critical assets (applications, systems, network ̰