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tative to the Executive Council of the International Society of Biomechanics . Dr . Zaferiou is widely published in several movement and biomechanics publications and is an avid presenter on the topic at national and international conferences and a guest lecturer at universities . Dr . Zaferiou is also a dedicated educator and mentor for science and engineering outreach activities .”
Dr . Zaferiou told OTW , “ During the next few months , we will be launching studies focused on understanding shoulder stability during activities of daily living post-Latarjet surgery . We will also be examining elbow loading patterns , the role of each leg during baseball batting , and the mechanics behind volleyball hitting .” — EH
Lance Perry : New VP of Sales and Marketing at Bodycad

Lance Perry has joined the team at

Quebec City-based Bodycad , where he is the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing .
“ Lance has 25 years of experience in the orthopaedic industry , long involvement in R & D and marketing ,
Lance Perry / Courtesy of Bodycad strong surgeon relationships , and expertise in personalized orthopaedic design ,” says Jean Robichaud , founder and CEO of Bodycad , in the January 30 , 2017 news release . “ Now , as a member of the Bodycad team , he will provide valuable insight and guidance on achieving our goal of personalizing orthopaedics .”
As indicated in the news release , “ Throughout his career , he has had an ever-increasing conviction for patient specific orthopedics serving as the senior leader for many of Biomet ’[ s ] and Zimmer-Biomets [ sic ] previous Patient Matched and Patient Specific Implant and Instrument initiatives . He joins Bodycad with a mission to make Personalized Orthopedics the unquestioned standard of care for today ’ s orthopedic patients .”
“ I am excited to join the Bodycad team ,” said Perry . “ Personalized orthopaedics is a passion for me and I am excited to work with a company that has the same vision and the capabilities to make it a reality .”
Perry told OTW , “ I am extremely energized by a key tenant of the Bodycad culture , ‘ Listen to your customer !’ After an almost 18 month sabbatical , I am looking forward to reconnecting with the sales and surgeon community with the specific goal of achieving orthopedic perfection . My obvious bias is that this goal will only be achieved via implementation of numerous personalization initiatives ranging from patient specific implants and instruments to optimized efficiency in the planning , delivery and performance of the surgical intervention . I firmly believe that the imaging , software , and manufacturing capabilities that Bodycad continues to perfect will give us an advantage in today ’ s efficiency focused orthopedic environment .” — EH
Brian Cole , M . D . Receives Initial Dr . Steven Gitelis Award

Brian Cole , M . D ., M . B . A ., associate chairman and professor in the Department of Orthopedics at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center , is the inaugural 2017 recipient of the Dr . Steven Gitelis Inspiration Award from AlloSource .

Brian Cole , M . D ., M . B . A ./ Courtesy of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush
As indicated in the January 24 , 2017 news release , AlloSource , providers of cartilage , cellular , bone , skin and softtissue allografts created this award , which “ honors a doctor or clinician that inspires AlloSource through his or her work in treating patients with donated human allografts .”
“ The award ’ s namesake , Dr . Steven Gitelis , is one of the founding physicians of AlloSource , recognizing the need for donated human tissue to heal patients through his work at Rush University Medical Center . Through his decades as a highly regarded orthopaedic surgeon , Dr . Gitelis used donated human tissue in complex surgical procedures . He understands the selfless gift of human tissue donation and passes along that gratitude to his patients .”
“ Inaugural award recipient Dr . Cole uses allografts to help his patients heal
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