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ORTHOPEDICS THIS WEEK VOLUME 13 , ISSUE 5 | FEBRUARY 14 , 2017 23 vical cord neurapraxia , cervical disk herniation , cervical stenosis , congenital cervical anomalies , cervical trauma , lumbar disk herniation , spondylolysis / spondylolisthesis , lumbar degenerative disk disease , pelvic and hip disorders that mimic spine problems and thoracic disk herniation . The book will also include simulation videos that take you step by step through a specific injury like a concussion or spondylolysis as well as case studies .

“ The book stresses diagnosis , decision making , acute management , rehabilitation and return to play guidelines . The goal is to ensure the fastest yet safest return to play whenever possible .” said Hecht , who also serves as spine surgical consultant to the New York Jets and the New York Islanders , in the release .
Contributors to the book include H . Hunt Batjer , M . D ., Andrew B . Dossett , M . D ., Richard G . Ellenbogen , M . D .; Alexander R . Vaccaro , M . D ., Ph . D ., M . B . A .; Ronnie Barnes of the New York Giants and members of the NFL Brain and Spine Committee .
Spine Injuries in Athletes is available for pre-order now and for purchase on March 3 , 2017 . For more information , visit lww . com . — TR

Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation has announced three new executive appointments . Robert T . Davis , Jr ., corporate vice president and president , Specialty Surgical Solutions ( SSS ), has been named corporate vice president and president , Orthopedics and Tissue Technologies . Dan Reuvers , corporate vice president and president , International , will assume the role of corporate vice president and president , SSS . Glenn Coleman remains as corporate vice president , chief financial officer and principal accounting officer ; now , he is also assuming oversight of the international business .

All three executives will continue to report to Peter Arduini , Integra president and chief executive officer .
“ These key leadership appointments reflect the depth and strength of our management team , enabling us to promote executives from within the company ,” said Peter Arduini . “ Bob , Dan and Glenn are proven leaders who have demonstrated exemplary management capabilities over the years and a track record of accomplishments that have contributed to our strong business performance .”
Glenn Coleman told OTW , “ We have recently rolled out a new strategy for our international business which will generate more focus on key countries and also prioritizing our leading franchises , including orthopedics in Western Europe . We are excited about launching our Cadence ankle in Europe during the first half of the year and with a separate vertical solely focused on our European business , believe we can drive meaningful growth over the next several years .”
Dan Reuvers commented to OTW , “ The Specialty Surgical Solutions division has a strong portfolio and solid strategy in place . As we ’ re coming off a year of solid organic growth , I ’ m looking forward to ensuring our products and plans support our future global growth goals . In the short term , I will be meeting with our colleagues and customers who are the best source for establishing our direction for the future .”
Bob Davis said to OTW , “ My first responsibility as a leader in the Orthopedics and Tissue Technologies division is to listen and learn and find opportunities to leverage the people and talent across our organization . Our employees drive our success . We have a very strong extremity orthopedics , surgical & wound reconstruction & care portfolio with many new products and line extensions on the horizon . Together , with my leadership team we have established a clear set of priorities to create focus and alignment . This will enable us to be more agile so we can continue to deliver innovative and life changing solutions to our customers and patients .” — EH
Integra : Three New Executive Appointments
Robert T . Davis , Jr ., Glenn Coleman and Dan Reuvers . / Courtesy of Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation
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