Orthopedics This Week | February 14, 2017 - Page 16


“ Research we are doing at Andrews Institute includes cadavers and perfecting surgical techniques ,” said Roger Ostrander , M . D . “ Having a space on campus with the personnel to help contain cadavers and a lab where we can perform surgeries is a huge advantage to having the research successfully produced and published .”
As indicated in the news release , “ The upgrades were provided by Arthrex [ Inc .] and Team 1 Orthopaedics , Inc . The updates to the surgical skills lab included :
• New arthroscopy cameras that allow physicians an inside view of the body while performing arthroscopic surgery .
• Upgraded surgical shavers that are used for tissue resection and bone debridement during arthroscopic procedures .
• High definition monitors that display in real time what the camera is capturing . This allows the physician to have a clear visualization of the procedure they are performing . The quality of the monitor is essential in allowing physicians the clearest image possible while performing intricate arthroscopic procedures .
• New pumps that remove fluid and resected tissue / debrided bone material allow for clear visualization in the area where the arthroscopic procedure is being performed .
• The updates included removing old cabinet and counter islands to install new arthroscopy and work stations that will allow for more space , giving physicians more practice room and accommodating more people during a training session .
• New set of drills and pins and wire drivers with attachments .”
Dr . Fleck told OTW , “ Quite a few groups and companies utilize the Surgical Skills Lab . Team 1 Ortho and Arthrex are two such groups and after using the lab and seeing the potential for the lab to increase the skill of physicians decided to support the Andrews Research & Education Foundation with both equipment and funds to refurbish the Surgical Skills Lab .”
“ For me the most exciting aspect of the Surgical Skills Lab being refurbished are the opportunities it presents for the Andrews Research & Education Foundation to provide the best possible experience for physicians utilizing the lab to learn new surgical techniques and to perform research concerning surgical techniques . This not only serves the physicians utilizing the lab but in the long term also their patients .” ♦
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