The anatomy of musical instruments is another aspect that will engage your students to talk about music. Learning about different parts of the instruments will help to identify them more easily during your visit. In Annex 2 you have a set of worksheets with a large selection of instruments. In Annex 2 you will find worksheets with different western instruments. There are more than 30 different instruments, choose your favourite! On the right-hand side, there is an example of these worksheets. In each of them, there is an instrument from the Museu’s collection with its name and catalogue number. It also includes the names of the various parts of the instrument as well as blank worksheets to fill in. Feel free to use them in your lessons: print them and put them in your classroom, draw from them, write texts for them, complete the blank worksheets,... depending on the level of your students. And use as many as you want.  