Useful tips: the symbol over the page numbers will send you to the Table of Contents. Follow the symbol which will take you to related materials. And don’t miss the ‘do you know…’ messages hidden in every picture in this Guide: just hover the mouse over and wait a second! Finally, the following table shows the links needed to make this guide easier to explore: A brief introduction by Jaume Ayats, director of the Museu de la Música. An explanation of how instruments are classified. Annex 1: Musical Instrument Flashcards for practising different ways of classification. A vocabulary of the parts of different Western instruments. Annex 2: Worksheets about the parts of the instruments. A list of verbs that describe actions for playing different instruments. Annex 3: Flashcards that contain verbs and definitions. They can be used in combination with the instruments in Annexes 1 and 2. An overview of the main spaces, thematic areas and highlighted exhibits at the Museu.  