Welcome to the English version of L’Orpheus and Petit Orpheus Guide! This document is a companion to L’Orpheus and Petit Orpheus, which are standard itineraries of the Museu de la Música’s educational programme. Petit Orpheus is intended for students between 3r-6è Primària and 1r-2n Secundària; and L’Orpheus is aimed at 3r-4t Secundària. Both tours are also offered in an English version. This Guide is a tool for music teachers to involve the English language into their classroom, but also for English teachers that want to introduce music into their curriculum. It aims to help both teachers and students talk about music in English, offering basic vocabulary and technical terminology. You will learn about the main spaces, thematic areas and highlighted exhibits that form L’Orpheus and Petit Orpheus. This overview will allow you to know the Museu before your visit, and to choose beforehand what to see according to the teachers’ or students’ interests. Furthermore, a large selection of activities and teacher   support materials are provided to prepare the visit. These materials include different worksheets and flashcards that can be freely used in the classroom. Whatever school year or standard of language comprehension, this range of resources will help improve your students understanding of L’Orpheus and Petit Orpheus. Teachers are able to select which materials to use from this Guide, if they are used before or after the visit and how broad the information is. However, as the activity is intended to be entirely in English, we really recommend that your students have some understanding of the basic vocabulary before they arrive, so they will be able to participate actively during the tour. Enjoy your visit to the Museu de la Música! María José & Pepe September 2015