  The crystal trombone uses glass to make sound. Listen to Michel Deneuve playing a fully chromatic crystal. This area is the final part of the historic journey of our visit and it leads to the 20th century. construction of the first copies of instruments from the past to play early music. This era was full of changes that you can relive through its instruments and gadgets presented here. It was a century of new music and new creations. Don’t miss the crystal trombone, one of the famous ‘sound structures’ created by the Baschet brothers. Discover the beginning of recording with the invention of the gramophone and phonograph; the arrival of a whole new family of instruments with the invention of sound synthesizers (like the Poly Moog) and the electric guitars (like the Fender Stratocaster); or the   Whether you are interested in contemporary music or jazz, if you love rock or early music, you will find it here.