  The ‘Keyboard Room’ (also known as the ‘Big Room’) has an impressive amount of keyboard instruments that were all invented before the piano. There are three different types of keyboard in this part of the collection: harpsichords, organs and clavichords. Furthermore, there is an instrument that is a combination of a harpsichord and an organ called a claviorgan. It has an extraordinary story to tell that began 400 years ago… It is likely that you will be interested in the mechanisms inside them that produce sound and want to discover the differences between them and the piano. Perhaps you are keen on knowing their history: who played them and where they were played, how musicians used to play them and how they are played today! If you would like to know about the history of music, this is also the right place. Great musicians like Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi lived at the same time as these instruments. Finally, you will have the opportunity to discover by yourself how an organ works. There is a model organ with bellows and different types of pipes. Feel free to experiment with it!  