ORMC MCC Business Plan ORMC_MCC_Business_Plan_032319 - Page 8

Performance Measures If the ORMC MCC is successful, its work will impact the communities in which it works. At the highest level, the ORMC MCC will strive to achieve the following outcomes: • Communities with a growing variety of medical services available to area residents • The senior community will have access to local medical services, allowing them to better age in place   RISKS AND RISK MANAGEMENT Political Risk The ORMC MCC relies on community support and engagement for a patient base to support the medical services provided in the community. There may be pressure from communities to consider the addition of services not economically feasible for political or perception reasons. These risks will be addressed by ensuring that communication with our community partners remains a priority. Additionally, the ORMC MCC will leverage the intermunicipal and local community relationships of the municipal councils to help the public understand the financial and business minded decisions the ORMC MCC will pursue. Revenue Risk The ORMC MCC is dependent on physician overhead payments to maintain ongoing operations and uncertainties in the participation rate of residents is perhaps the greatest risk. From the business case developed over the last two years of operations it has been observed that our reach stretches well beyond the local community to other urban centres where few physicians accept new patients. To manage this risk the ORMC MCC will continue to focus on the growth of both the local and regional patient base, leveraging our strength such as location and access to physicians. Staffing Risk The ORMC operates with a small staff of both physicians and administrative staff. Staffing changes of any kind would greatly affect revenue and potentially the operations of the clinic. The ORMC MCC will retain strong connection with Alberta Health Services for support in physician recruitment and take on casual administration staff for relief coverage. Additionally, the ORMC MCC will retain and rely on Lac Ste. Anne County for management and administrative services. If the County was no longer able to provide these services, it would be difficult to find a private provider that would be able to match the current cost. Municipally Controlled Corporation Business Plan .8