Oregon Wire Products 2016 Catalog March 2016 - Page 3

Table of Contents CUSTOM FABRICATION & RETAIL POP DISPLAYS Custom Fabrication Expertise Concept To Completion Alloy Manipulations 4-5 Metal Types Custom Finishes BULK WIRE, BALING & CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES Coil / Stand Wire Boxed Wire Bale Ties Acoustical Wire Straight & Cut Mechanics Wire Music Wire Remesh 6-9 Dowel & Tie Bar Baskets Snap Ties Rebar Tie Wire Bag Ties Nails Krete Seal COMMERCIAL GROWERS (INDOOR & OUTDOOR) SUPPLIES Custom Pot Stands Pot-To-Pot Hold-Downs Pot Hold-Downs Stakes High Tensile Galvanized Wire Hop Clips Hop Clips Installation Tool Galvanized Seven Strand Commercial Trellis Cable Trellis Cable Staples Mini Hanging Baskets Flat Wire Plant Stand Scroll Plant Stand Hanging Baskets Trellises & Topiary Shepherd Hooks Tower Cages O-Ring Replacement Sturdy Cages Premium Folding Cages Cone Cages New Items New Items New Items New Items New Items 10 - 11 12 - 19 Peony Cages Economy Cages Light Wire Trellis Grid Trellis Window Baskets Hanging Baskets Wall Moss Basket Moss Baskets Hooks and Hanges Living Wreath Ring WREATH FRAMES & ACCESSORIES Wreath Rings Double Ring Flat Single Ring With Holly Clips Double Ring With Cups Single Ring With Clips Speciality Frames Squares Hearts Candy Canes Christmas Trees Crosses Snowflakes Charms / Swags Living Wreath Frames Arches Since 1973, our core emphasis and expertise has been, and continues to be, Custom Wire Fabrication. Our team has a combined 100 years of expertise in Private Label and OEM projects, CAD, Project Conceptualization and Design. Erosion / Sod Staples Galvanized Nursery Stakes Fiberglass Nursery Stakes Vineyard Training Stakes RETAIL GARDEN SUPPLIES New Items Your Vision is our Focus We take tremendous pride in producing American-Made products. Our first option is to manufacture locally within our production facility in Portland, OR. Our second option, contingent upon your desired volume, lead time, and budget, we can source products directly from our off-shore factory. 20 - 31 Special Order Frames Wire & Tools Bag Ties Wreath Shipping Box Wrapping & Garland Wire Cut Florist Wire Wreath Machine Ribbon Bows Holiday Baskets Pinecones Berries Fruit WELCOME TO OWP www.oregonwireproducts.com 800.458.8344 3