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SOUTHEAST A T T R A C T I O N S • LESLIE GULCH (Pictured Above) A scenic canyon in Malheur County, Leslie Gulch is abundant with striking rock formations made of tuff, a porous type of rock consisting of consolidated volcanic ash ejected from vents during a volcanic eruption. Originally called "Dugout Gulch," it was renamed for a local rancher, Hiram E. Leslie, who was hit by lightning there in 1882. A favorite of hikers in the area, Leslie Gulch is also ideal for sightseeing and wilflife viewing. OWYHEE LAKE Also known as Owyhee Reservoir, this body of water in Malheur County along the Idaho border is Oregon’s longest reservoir at 52 miles. Created in 1932 after the completion of the Owyhee Dam, the lake is home is many species of fish, making it a popular stop for anglers. Crappie, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and brown bullhead live in these waters. PILLARS OF ROME Sightseeing opportunities abound at the "Pillars of Rome," located outside Rome, Oregon, a community named for the the imposing formations of fossil-bearing clay that resemble Roman ruins. These unique rock formations reflect the sunlight in different ways, and are an ideal stop for photography enthusiasts. ROUND BARN VISITOR CENTER • FEATURED OPPOSITE • Gift Shop & Tourist Information 51955 Lava Bed Rd. Diamond, OR 97722 (541) 493-2070 Toll Free: 888-493-2420 www.roundbarn.net jenkinstours@gmail.com SUCCOR CREEK This nearly seventy-mile-long creek is a tributary of the Snake River, passing through both Oregon and Idaho. The creek is home to a variety of fish including bluegill, smelt, and northern pike. The Succor Creek Natural Area features a canyon that is known for its fossils, geologic formations, and thundereggs. Only primitive camping is available. ROUND BARN VISITOR CENTER Harney County Historian Dick Jenkins invites you to visit the Round Barn Visitor Center Gift store and Museum in Diamond at 51955 Lava Bed Road, 50 miles southeast of Burns. A truly unique experience awaits you in the heart of historic Harney County-the facility features a number of displays that take you back in time and provide a flavor of life in the late 1800s. The Round Barn Visitor Center features Jenkins family photos and other interesting artifacts, as well as a wealth of historic displays that depict the vision and heritage of the early settlers who homesteaded the area. The gift store offers a wide variety of “one-of-a-kind” items found only at the Round Barn Gift Shop. Browse the fascinating displays of books, clocks and the works of local artists. Enjoy a snack while relaxing in the spacious seating area, and get a glimpse of the Round Barn Visitor Center's stunning copper ceiling. Learn about customs and culture, and the fascinating architecture of unique barns and structures in the Harney County Area. Experience the Oregon high desert and relive the old west while enjoying the stories of a five generation working ranch family. Jenkins works with school groups to share informaWWW.OREGONTRAVELCOUNCIL.COM tion on managing our natural resources. “I discovered there is a real need for a venue to get this kind of information across to the people,” Jenkins said. The Round Barn Visitor Center, Museum and Gift Shop is open March 1st through January 2nd. REGION 8: SOUTHEAST F E A T U R E D For more information call 888-493-2420 HISTORICAL TOURS MUSEUM GIFT SHOP ROUND BARN VISITOR CENTER D I A M O N D , Pete French Round Barn O R E G O N Museum & Gift Shop Leslie Gulch © HK Telleria | Dreamstime.com 541-493-2070 www.roundbarn.net 97