Oregon Travel Council - Page 92

ON S E V GI EN RE CENTRAL SOUTHEAST 7 REGION 9 20 20 395 Ochoco NF Brothers Burns Paiute Colony Indian Res. Hampton W 20 E Riley Benjamin L. 20 78 Chickahominy Reservoir S East Lava Field Harney Burns Hines Lawen Lost Forest 395 REGION 6 West Coast Over the Horizon Backscatter Radar System Warm Springs Valley Wagontire Harney L. Alkali Lake Refuge Headquarters Malheur NWR REGION 7 Summer Lake Malheur L. 205 205 Alkali Lake Station Frenchglen Hotel Summer L. Frenchglen Summer Lake Hot Springs 395 Bluejoint L. Paisley L. Abert 31 31 Valley Falls Chandler Fremont NF Swamp L. Anderson L. Plush Fremont NF Geyser Booth ew Dr Lakeview 140 Hart L. Catlow Valley Refuge Headquarters Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge Crump L. Adel e s. sR 395 140 140 Goose L. Goose Lake Roaring Springs Ranch Turpin L. Flagstaff L. New Pine Creek Guano L. Sheldon NWR NEVADA MAP KEY ON PAGE 18 90 OREGON TRAVEL AND RECREATION GUIDE