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The winter of 1975 was a cold one. Gailyn and Valerie Messersmith could barely keep their small house in Wilson, Michigan, warm; fuel oil was too expensive, and cutting wood was too time consuming due to long hours at work and the hour commute. The old Robinson Furniture Factory was a few miles away and they had massive piles of sawdust that they could barely get rid of. Gailyn used his creativity to perfect the sawdust burning system and by 1978 he had it perfected, patented, and named the Messersmith Conversion burner. The orders started and by 1980 building waste burning boilers became Gailyn’s full-time job. On February 5th, 1982, the company was incorporated and started to build bigger systems for schools, hospitals and sawmills. As time went by systems got larger, more efficient, and extremely durable. Messersmith Manufacturing, Inc. (MMI) located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, now employs 16 full-time employees and two parttime employees. 130 Messersmith Manufacturing designs fabricates and installs industrial sized biomass boiler systems. Messersmith also trains operators. Wood chip burning boiler systems range from 500,000 BTU to 33 Million BTU. MMI has operating systems that are almost as old as the company and still continue to provide reliable heat all over the United States of America. Wood chips are produced locally, transported by local truckers and are a completely renewable resource. Wood chips in Michigan are only about $40 a ton. Each ton of chips replaces roughly 83 gallons of propane, 61 gallons of #2 heating oil, or 76 therms of natural gas. Messersmith Manufacturing prides itself on excellent customer service, saving customers heating dollars, and providing a positive, opportunity filled environment for its employees. Messersmith Manufacturing, Inc. 2612 F Road Bark River, MI 49807 Phone (906) 466-9010 Fax: (906) 466-2843 sales@burnchips.com www.burnchips.com OREGON TRAVEL AND RECREATION GUIDE