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port local farmers. They are happy to collaborate with small farms, helping them enter the market with strong branding and product distribution. Sewing relationships like brings rewards too. The selection at New Vansterdam is impressive, including a wide range of flower, concentrates, seeds and edibles to accommodate any cannabis needs. “I’m about providing a high quality product at an affordable price,” Royce said, describing how New Vansterdam refuses to gauge prices to make higher profits. The prices on the shelf reflect what the farmers charge, so the consumer gets the best product for the lowest price. Royce explained that raising margins to boost profits would also reduce accessibility to patients and undermine the core values behind New Vansterdam. “I will never mark up prices to create extra income for our company,” Royce said. It’s no wonder New Vansterdam understands the importance of providing high-quality medicine at an afford- WWW.OREGONTRAVELCOUNCIL.COM able price; a majority of the owners are doctors. With such intensive medical training, they understand the subtle chemical differences from strain to strain, and are well-prepared to help patients and recreational customers as they peruse the wide variety of strains on the shelf. The emphasis isn’t on making money, it’s about helping people get affordable medicine. New Vansterdam’s goal is to help the market as a whole, not just their own brand. Each New Vansterdam store a client of SB Ventures Group, a consulting firm whose goal is to help anybody in the industry with needs relating to the operations of a dispensary or farm. “We can do anything needed to open and operate a dispensary,” said Royce, who is also VP of operations for SB Venture Group. If other dispensaries in the area are struggling with any aspect of running their business, from accounting to personal shopping, New Vansterdam is willing to send a team of consultants to help out. Their ultimate goal to help consumers and dispensaries thrive. “We have a different model than everybody else right now. The core of our group is focused on serving what we call the cannabis community. If a farm or dispensary is having issues, we have consultants we are happy to send out to help,” Royce said. This focus on helping grow the market as a whole, instead of just their own brand, has helped New Vansterdam create close relationships with many consumers and farmers, as well as other dispensaries in the area. Royce learned the importance of being involved in every aspect of the business and making connections during his lengthy career in the “I’m marijuana about promedical busividing a high ness, including a time quality when he rotated beproduct at antoaftween six farms help fordable price,” grow the plants. “To be a successful buyer in this industry, you need to have the full spectrum from seed to sale,” Royce said. “An important part of the job is working with the farms. These people are SPECIAL FEATURE: 420 SECTION Most people have heard of the craft beer craze that is sweeping the nation, but what about craft cannabis? New Vansterdam, which has multiple locations in Oregon and Washington, fills its shelves with a wide variety of award winning small-farm products, giving medical patients and recreational users access to an unprecedented range of specialty strains. “Craft cannabis” originates in small, local farms, and usually isn’t grown in massive amounts. “Right now the really high end, cup winning strains tend to be grown by smaller farms,” said Brent Royce, founder of the Oregon branch of New Vansterdam. “The priority of these small farms is quality. They grow specialty strains to create the best medicine. Big production or high profits aren’t a part of that equation.” New Vansterdam prefers to work with small, local farms producing top-grade cannabis. Their motto of “Farm First” means that New Vansterdam will do everything they can to sup- 125