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Terpp Extractors was founded in 2013 and is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. We are dedicated to providing affordable, hydrocarbon, closed-loop extraction solutions without compromise to service, support, and safety. We do not ship any fully built complete system that has not been tested. Every weld and seal is tested at pressures two times greater than standard operating parameters. We take pride in building and testing each extraction system specifically to meet your needs. BHO is a valuable essential oil, and we want to help you get the highest possible quality without suffering from a reduced yield. Our closed loop butane extractors are able to recycle up to 99% of your solvent material while also filtering out contaminants within the system. Our butane extractors are also known for their versatility, allowing the operator to make minor adjustments that will help you achieve your quality and quantity objectives. Closed loop butane extractors are becoming more popular as people learn about the benefits of BHO as an essential oil. Butane is the most effective solvent for extraction because it is non-polar and operates at low temperatures and pressures. Our machines are able to work with a variety of different solvent Smoking Accesories AdditionalArticles Glass Pipes Water Pipes 541-889-3017 Smoke Shop Head Shop Supplies In addition to our MK series butane extractors, we also carry a full range of parts and accessories to help you with making repairs and upgrades to your system. Each individual system will be accompanied by a list of recommended accessories that will improve your extraction process and increase your productivity. Terpp Extractors wants you to be happy with your BHO extractor. We walk you through the process from start to finish. Once your order is placed, your device will be built, tested and shipped within one week. After that, we will provide you with comprehensive training and helpful reference materials so you will have all the information you need to get started with your first batch of materials. As you become more familiar and efficient with your butane extractors, we will be happy to help you pick out accessories which will add to the efficiency of your process and improve the quality, as well as giving you more information about the latest techniques and practices for high yield BHO extraction. SPECIAL FEATURE: 420 SECTION solutions including: N-Butane, Iso-Butane and N-Propane, or any combination of the three. Please contact us for more information about the excellent line of extractors we provide today! Terpp Extractors 219 N. Timberline Rd. Fort Collins, CO 80524 (970) 682-6710 www.terppextractors.com If you have been searching for a great pipe and smoke shop, then look no further. Red Owl of Oregon located at 369 South Oregon Street in Ontario is one of the most complete and best in the business. Red Owl of Oregon is widely known for its quality, selection, customer service and great prices. Red Owl of Oregon extends a warm welcome for you to stop by and discover why Red Owl of Oregon is the first choice favorite of consumers of smoking accessories in the Pacific Northwest. Browse the fantastic selection of smoking accessories and check out their value added pricing. Red Owl of Oregon is your number one provider of head shop supplies, no matter what it is you are looking for. Rest assured that whatever it takes to provide the service and assistance you need; Red Owl of Oregon is second to none. Selection, quality, affordability, that meets the industry standard of excellence awaits you. Red Owl of Oregon is all you need to know about smoke, pipe and head shop supplies. Open Monday through Saturday, 10am-10pm and on Sunday 12pm8pm, let the experienced staff help you find Come see why folks in the Ontario, Boise, exactly what you are looking for. Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Emmett, Payette, and Kuna areas rely on Red Owl of Give them a call today at (208) 571Oregon for glass pipes, water pipes, and a 5447 and check out their informative complete selection of smoke shop supplies web site at www.redowloforegon. and head shop supplies. WWW.OREGONTRAVELCOUNCIL.COM 113