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According to Energy Star and the Department of Energy guidelines, “…air leakage accounts for 25–40% of the energy used for heating and cooling…” Spray foam insulation has the advantage over traditional insulation methods by stopping air and moisture from entering your facility or home. Spray foam insulation cuts down on mold and mildew, which is incredibly destructive to grow facilities, it also prevents vermin from getting in, and keeps insects out!!! For grow facilities this means an airtight environment that can use smaller heating and cooling systems. Tests have proven that just 2 inches of spray foam is more effective than 17 inches of cellulose insulation. AT Foam Insulators is an innovative company using the highest quality spray foam insulation products and techniques to ensure superior energy performance. They can cut your heating and cooling costs up to 50%, and spray foam only needs to be applied once in the lifetime of a grow facility, business, or home. They take the time to understand your critical business or home owner needs to ensure that you get the best possible insulation for your individual needs. AT Foam Insulators are the experts in creating a thermal envelope for gro rf6ƗFW2'W6W76W2BW2FW6W'fRFR6VGFRF6Bǖ&V2&fFp7&f7VFFWfR&VV'W6W72f"V'2&Rf֖ǒvW"W&FVBBfRfW"#V'0&6w&VB67G'V7FBf7VF'2&RFrFV"'BF&VGV6RFRF( 2FWVFV6Rf&VvVW&w&fR"VƗGW"6VG@&fFRFR7B&fW767VF6W'f6W2FP &VBFRVBbFRFN( 2vBf"FRVf&VBBw&VBf"W"6WF&6F7BFVFFf"e$TR67VFFBW7FFRWBFV6rRvFW&RFRVFW'0FR7VFGW7G'BrFW66fRPW&#30&VFtS`C#RӃC07&f6VGFTv6ЧwwrBf6Р$TtE$dTB$T5$TDuTDP