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7 Devils Brewing Company 247 S. 2nd St. Coos Bay, Oregon 97420 541-297-5636 7devilsbrewery.com A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure. - Czech Proverb BEER STYLE GUIDE Altbier Kölsch Amber Ale Lambic Barley wine Light ale Berliner Weisse Maibock / Helles bock Bière de Garde Malt liquor Bitter Mild Blonde Ale Oktoberfestbier / Märzenbier Bock (Traditional) Old ale Brown ale Oud bruin California Common Pale ale Cream Ale Pilsener / Pilsner / Pils Dortmunder Export Porter Doppelbock Red ale Dunkel Roggenbier Dunkelweizen Saison Eisbock Scotch ale Fruit lambic Steam beer Golden Ale Stout SPECIAL FEATURE: OREGON CRAFT BEER BUSINESS DIRECTORY Gose Schwarzbier Gueuze Vienna lager Hefeweizen Witbier Helles Weissbier India pale ale Weizenbock THE BREWING PROCESS Hops are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, adding bitterness which balances out the sweet flavor of the malt. Malted grain, such as barley, is steeped in water and fermented during the brewing process, adding sweetness to beer. Other malted grains used in brewing include wheat, rye, oats, and rice. WWW.OREGONTRAVELCOUNCIL.COM During the boiling process, sterilization occurs and hop flavors, bitterness and aromas are released. Different brewers use different methods for boiling, depending on the flavor and boldness desired for the beer. The taste characteristics of beer may come from the type and amount of malt used, flavors imparted by the yeast, and strength of bitterness. 9