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Vision & Voice WHAT ARE THE TIMELESS FEATURES OF LUXURY EYEWEAR? “Luxury eyewear must always embody impeccable quality. Luxury is all about refined details, so the frame not only looks good, but feels great in the hands. TE246 has well-finished surfaces, hinges plated to match the temples and takes a 360-degree perspective from the dimensional temple interior to the carefully crafted tip junction.” “Season after season, Smith has stayed true to its focus of providing enhanced performance within our eyewear regardless of frame design or passing trends. We offer premium lens technologies, like our proprietary Chroma- Pop lenses, to deliver greater definition, more natural colour and unmatched clarity to see more detail.” Mark McCann, Category manager – eyewear, Smith Eyewear. “Luxury eyewear seeks to improve and be orig- inal but it must never change the quality, which also means technical substance and essence of the brand. You must always recognize the deep passion of people in doing it.” Nicola Del Din, CEO, Blackfin Eyewear. Jennifer Coppel, Vice-president brand management, Tura Eyewear. “As a brand founded by two opticians, the perfect fit is an enduring feature of all our eyewear. Alongside this, the highest-quality craftsmanship is key, whether through the refinement of traditional processes or the development of new techniques and materials.” Michael Gaty, Toronto PR co-ordinator, Cutler & Gross. “Luxury today represents an experience for the consumer. When designing the Sophia Loren collection, we take great care in creating eyewear that is both beautifully adorned, yet comfortable for the wearer. We do this by building customized size stories within the collection. Another distinguishing character- istic would be the superior craftmanship. Quality is timeless.” Nikki Maglione, Senior designer, Zyloware Eyewear. 08 Optical Prism | September 2017