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Start by letting your employees know that you are going to do stay interviews. Communicate that these interviews will take about 15 minutes and will be scheduled approximately every six months. Let them know you will ask about six questions each time and that the questions will be provided to them the day before so there are no surprises. Keep the questions positive in nature so as not to attract the opportunity for a vent session. Keep the sessions to 15 minutes and stay on task. IDEAS FOR QUESTIONS FOR THE FIRST STAY INTERVIEW: Tell me one thing about you I wouldn’t already know? What was one reason you accepted this job and wanted to work here? What’s important to you at work? What about in life and at home? What do you like the best about what you do everyday? What would you change in your daily routine if you could? What is one suggestion for improving the office? QUESTIONS FOR SECOND STAY INTERVIEW: Tell me one thing that is new with you since the last time we met. What motivates you at work? What is one task here that you LOVE to do? Tell me about your work style and how you go about achieving results? Do you feel you have adequate training to do your job? What training would you like to see? Is there other responsibilities you would like to have at work? What is one suggestion for improving office culture? QUESTIONS FOR THIRD STAY INTERVIEW: Tell me one thing that has changed with you in the last six months? What things would you like to change about the office? What makes your job rewarding and satisfying? What kind of recognition is meaningful to you? Verbal, rewards, etc. What would you like from me in terms of leadership or direction? What is one suggestion for improving the teamwork and support? Last note…ensure that you make these stay interviews a great experience. They should be relaxed and informal. Employees should feel they can open up and say anything without any retribution or negative reaction. Your staff will love this one-on-one time with you. Trudi Charest is the Co-Founder of 4ECPS, a business resource company for eye care professionals. 4ECPs has six divisions: eyecare jobs, marketing, training, social media, payments and events. Trudi can be reached at trudi@4ecps.com or www.4ecps.com. Optical Prism | September 2017 45