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Multiple near distances at arm’s length Increasingly, people are spending time indoors and exercising their vision mostly in short and intermediate distances. Gen X is craving for seamless acuity in various everyday tasks, at multiple near distances. They want to send a text while catching up their favorite TV show on a tablet, they are checking breaking news alerts on their mobile while working on their desktop. From 2D to 3D, Varilux X Series is setting a new reference criteria – vision volume Historically, progressive lens designers were considering a single target object for one gaze direction, the near vision zone in a progressive lens was set at 40 cm at 36 degrees. Today, Essilor designers have focused their efforts on vision at arm’s length, formulating new reference criteria: vision volume. This pioneer approach addresses the main limit of progressive lenses:the necessity to adjust head position to see sharp. No need to move the head to see sharp at near distances Essilor research has analysed in-depth the usual zone of vision in one posture. The objective was to meet most visual needs inside this zone. Varilux® X se &W22&fFp&W76fRsRRF6vFvV&W'>( f7VVVG2B&( 0VwFRvRF&V7FvFWBVBFW7FpfVVB6vf6B&fVVB6&VBFFW &V֗V&w&W76fRV2g2SRfW&vRf"6WFЧF'2FVFr&w&W76fRvV&W'26r6VW76ǐ6GW&RWfW'FWFvF&( 2&V6B&WBFV 6'f62WFVFVB'RvGFBVwFF2WrFVfVBf6RB&( 2VwFf&W6W&W2FR76&R'WpFVBFV6wFRWr&w&W76fRV6W2vVW&F2FR&W7VBb6&FbFVB&WfWFV266WFF2FWr67VF"vF"FW7Bf&WFV6vW0FBfR&VV&fVCFB76&WW2'&VF&VvFR6V֒f6VBB&7V f6f&W26W&W2v2'&VrFR6&֗6P&WGvVVfVG2bf6B7vVffV7BFVB6p&6W72WfV&R6Wv&F2BF֗PF7G'V7GW&R'6W7FW'2br&FW"F6&PFV"vW"BVFǒFRVffV7G2V"f6&VfW"W'6ƗFf&W6W&W226֖rvFWr7F&RFFvW@FVBFfGVV7W&VVG2F2Wrf'7BWfV`W'6ƗF26V7FFRFBBFW2B&WV&PG&rǒr֖WFW2bVvgV7F&PWW&V6RFR&F6v&fFR&VƖ&RB&'W7@V7W&VVG2bV"f6&VfW"&fVBBfƖFFVB'&w&W76fPV2vV&W'0W76"2VVFVB6&VV6fR67VW fƖFF&6W72FV7W&RgV6F6f7FF76W70FR&VFFVB&VVfG2bf&W6W&W2V2FWF( &VƖf^( B( Ɩ.( WW&V6W2fR&VV'V7GVǒ"sC"&W6'W2&VBFRv&RfR'F6FVBFFRFWfVVBbf&W6W&W3F&Vvf7W2w&WFW'fWw2fFV6VfW2f֖Ɩ"7FfFW2&W&GV6VB6G&VB"Vf&VBWF2FRWrV2vVW&FvWG2WF7GVrRR6F6f7FGW&rVFF6pB&( 2VwFB2&VfW'&VB'bRg2f&W26W&W0VFF6r6GVF2B&( 2VwFB6fW0WƖ֗BFRW6vRb&w&W76fRV6W3`vV&W'2vW"fVVFRVVBFfRFRVBF6VR6'BV"B&WBf"&Rf&F6F7BW"W76"6W267VFBC"F6&66WFV&W"#p