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“Through the revamp, the website was completely redesigned for visual purposes,” says Ruhe. “The Eyecessorize.com website and pre-existing EyecessorizeBlog.com website were merged into a single entity to better align our messaging and audience; the navigation was re-organized; and the website offerings were expanded.” “The Eyecessorize team utilizes WGSN – a trend forecasting service – to help determine what the seasonal eyewear trends will be based on their trend reporting,” says Ruhe. Additionally, the team conducts member meetings at International Vision Expo conferences, attends many members’ press events throughout the year and closely observes what products members are releasing to stay in tune with those eyewear trends that are in the pipeline. “The campaign primarily reaches consumers directly through its website, blog and social media channels, while targeting consumer-facing media through its eyewear trend kits and lookbooks, e-pitches and events.” It is designed to position specs and sunnies as must-have style accessories.Eye care professionals and consumers who are on the hunt for a specific pair of glasses can take advantage of the website’s gallery of eyewear and sunwear images. Users can filter their search to gender, product, retail price, frame material, colour, style and face shape. Eyewear 101, a menu item on the website, helps take the guesswork out of selecting glasses. Users can find tips on discovering the best eyewear for themselves or a client depending on their lifestyle and needs. The original Eyecessorize.com website launched approximately 10 years ago but underwent a complete revamp in June 2016. Optical Prism | September 2017 37