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Max Mara- MMINGRID Polaroid Branding and colour trends aside, Safilo is able to experiment with design, non-traditional materials and shapes, creating products and setting leading worldwide trends. “Each and every pair of glasses is characterized by an attentive and detailed development process.” The company's process starts with studying relevant macro-trends and ends with the creation of sunglasses and optical frames that are pieces of art. "EACH AND EVERY PAIR OF GLASSES IS CHARACTERIZED BY AN ATTENTIVE AND DETAILED DEVELOPMENT PROCESS." From its design and creation process to materials research to its intricate stages of production, the company can continue its role as a worldwide brand with a “unique heritage, expertise and savoir-faire". For Safilo's Fall 2017 trends, the company has a variety of luxury styles that set it apart from other brands, including yellow-tinted and pastel coloured lenses, extreme oval shades and white sunglasses. Fendi-FF Jimmy Choo-Elva Valentino VA 4014 32 Optical Prism | September 2017