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ESSILOR CANADA, YOUR PARTNER IN THE COMMUNITY Millions of Canadians have unmet visual needs that impact their lives, their ability to learn and perform. For 45 years, Essilor Canada has been inspired by our mission of Improving lives by improving sight, which translates into everything we do. “ We would like to extend our sincere thanks for the help Essilor Canada provided our organization to plan and conduct the Opening Eyes clinic during the Special Olympics. Your team’s expertise, availability and the commitment of all participants greatly enhanced the value of this public health program for people living with intellectual disabilities. - Daniel Granger, Chairman and President of Special Olympics Québec “ ” It was an amazing experience. I discovered that although I live in one of the richest countries in the world, there is a whole segment of society that is completely underserved. ” - Tom Weissberger, Optician and National Director of Essilor Technologies “ Thank you so much for what you do for Special Olympics athletes. Many of my team members live on their own, pay their own way and get no governmental subsidies. Th e gift of sight that you are providing them, free of charge is amazing. We all so appreciate the opportunity you have given them. ” - Samantha Stom-Anthony, Special Olympics Soccer Coach in Regina WE BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO GOOD VISION. $1.2 million annually to support and sustain our industry in Canada. • We facilitate over 10,000 visual tests conducted by eyecare professionals to create new wearers. • We partner with local communities and many associations to promote visual health and facilitate access to eyecare. • We support the future generations of eyecare professionals by developing specific trainings, donating scholarships, equipment and lenses to optical schools. • In addition, we are committed to a sustainable business model that integrates environmental, health and safety initiatives. Without you, we could not give the best vision to people. This is why our ambition, as your partner, is to empower you to succeed and create value for you and your customers. Together, we can help Canadians see better, so that they can live better, every day. Find Essilor Canada on and at essilor.ca