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In his own words... Q A Q A What aspect of your style do you recognize in the sunglasses that are part of the Inspired by Jared Leto collection? I think I’ve always been attracted to simplicity, to the classic, to good design. I think all of that is reflected in Carrera. What about your relationship with sunglasses in general: can you tell us why you love this particular accessory? I live in California, so sunglasses are a necessity. They’re a daily part of life. The sun is shining on most days here. I’m also an avid adventurer and outdoors person and so the right pair of sunglasses for me isn’t a luxury at all, it’s something that is absolutely necessary. Q Q A What about the optical model: are you planning to wear it in your everyday life? A As much as I can. What kind of people you imagine wearing the Inspired by Jared Leto collection? I think creative people, individual people who walk a different path and are attracted to design and craftsmanship. 18 Optical Prism | September 2017