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KENMARK ALIVE Kenmark Eyewear has released four new kensie girls optical styles. ALOHA is a full-rim zyl-style frame with floral pattern detailing on the temples, while ALIVE is a full-zyl oval style with animal print pattern on the temples. SPLASH is a full-zyl style with fun confetti- style acetate colours and features metal heart detailing on the front, while FAME is a hip oversize style with metal star detailing on the front and temples and features glitter core wires. For more information, visit: www.kenmarkeyewear.com ALOHA PLAN ‘B’ Plan ‘B’ Eyewear has added two new acetate models to its Ice Cream collection, the IC9087 and IC9088. Both feature a variation of a perfect and flattering cat eye shape made of high-quality ac- etate. These new models feature a marbled blend of colours that include deep blues, purples, vibrant greens and eye-catching orange. IC9088 For more information, e-mail: customerservice@alterna- tiveeyes.com. IC9087 Optical Prism | September 2017 11