Optical Prism November - Page 7

contents Volume 34 | Number 6 | November-December 2014 A d #: TRA-14-01 7C P r e p are d by : S a a t chi & Saatchi Canada ON THE COVER A g e ncy Dk t #: 1 7 9 -TRCO R-M 4- 2987 C l ie nt/Produ ct: 16 Tr a n sitio ns Ringo Starr For John Varvatos by Sarah McGoldrick S a v e Dat e : O c t ob er 9, 2014 4: 06 PM 24 Ocuco Continues Expansion by Sarah McGoldrick A r t pre pa r e d by: To m C o l o ur : 4/ c 28 Contacts: The Next Wearable Technology by Lisa Bucher Safety: 7. 12 5 x 10 T r im : 8. 1 2 5 x 10.875 Bl e e d: 8. 3 7 5 x 11. 125 M e d ia: O p t ic a l P rism SPECIAL FEATURES 20 Safilo Celebrates 80th Anniversary 22 Reflection: Mirrored Eyewear 32 Belle Mode: Eyewear From Silmo Approval : Co p y wri t e r: 34 The Opticians Eye View Report From the Editor Vision and Voice 10 Preview E. C . Di re c t or: Br ia n . Sh e p pard In Our Next Issue P r o du c t i o n : J e n na F u l l e r ton › A Look Ahead to 2015 A cc . Se rv i c es: › Trends In Eyewear A cc . Se rv i c es: 6 8 A r t Di re c t o r: F r en ch Se rv ices: DEPARTMENTS › Keeping Your Business On Track Innotec New Legacy, The Monocle, Rebl Eyewear and more 35 Glimpses Painless In Office Blepharitis Treatment, Silmo Creative Energy, Chimm for Google Glass and more 38 Events Calendar Date Watch For Our Business Digital Supplement Coming in December 39 Classified 40 Frame By Frame A Sound Choice Optical Prism | November-December 2014 3