Optical Prism November - Page 38

THE OPTICIANS EYE VIEW REPORT The OAC recently attended the Saskatchewan College of Opticians (SCO) annual AGM and convention. We were very well received by the SCO and the OAC message of solidarity was extremely successful in terms of recruitment and retention. The OAC is pleased to announce that we have a new director from the province of Saskatchewan. Mr. Bill Fedrau will be attending his first OAC board of directors meeting in November and we are pleased to receive input from Saskatchewan. It is noteworthy to point out that Fedrau was selected by the membership and duly elected by the OAC members in accordance with the OAC by-laws. Membership in general, across the entire country, has seen a slight increase. The eastern provinces and Manitoba are almost at 100 per cent engagement; British Columbia continues to gain members and Ontario has a consistent following. The OAC will focus its attention on those provincial areas where membership engagement is low, and work through local organizations to fulfill its mandate and recruit new members. Communication is a key factor in recruiting membership into the national professional association. 34 Optical Prism | November-December 2014 A LOOK AHEAD TO VISION CANADA The OAC continues its relationship with some of the major companies in the Optical Industry. Essilor, Transitions and The Optical Group are Visionary Partners of the OAC for 2014 and will enjoy top tier sponsorship at Vision Canada Many other optical companies are partnering with the OAC indirectly through contracted advertising on our website and e-newsletter, such as Centennial, Vision Ease, Innova, Jobs4ECPs, Hakim Optical and Pearl Vision. The OAC is pleased to have Johnson & Johnson as a corporate sponsor for 2014. HOYA Canada has seen new leadership this year and the OAC has met with the new Canadian President of the company. We have both promised a continued close relationship as will be evident by the HOYA participation at Vision Canada. It is interesting to note that the sales team at HOYA consists of approximately 70 per cent Opticians. Safilo has also offered its support to the OAC and we are pleased to accept. Our message to Opticians in Canada is the OAC is working in the interest of Opticians as a whole. Our members consist of Licensed Opticians working in various business models. The OAC supports all REGULATORY COMPLIANT models. Through research and networking, the OAC is constantly exploring partnerships and opportunities for our members. For more information visit www.opticians.ca.