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their digital contact lens technology to market. “As we've just signed a deal with Novartis to bring our lens technology to market, we're heads down in the lab and don't have any updates to share at this time,” said Katelin Jabbari of Google Global Communications and Public Affairs. “Smart eyewear in particular is an exciting new platform that stands poised to empower individuals to take control of their contextual personal health in ways they never have before,” said Sales. Google was given a chance to implement its eyewear technology in the healthcare field, launching into the digital healthcare market by signing a deal with pharmaceutical company Novartis to bring The Novartis-Google smart lenses have chips and sensors so small they look like bits of glitter and an antenna thinner than a human hair that can measure the glucose in tears. This technology can provide diabetics with an alternative to finger pricking to test blood sugar levels. ACUITAS™ Patient Relationship Management Software One Company One Solution Paperless patient journey Patient Education Suite Brochure website Clinical equipment integration A C U I TA S OCT, Fundus, Optos Business intelligence Provincial billing Online booking SMS For more information 30 Optical Prism | November-December 2014 Call 860 899 6842 Visit www.ocuco.ca