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The company offers three base products: Acuitas Enterprise: Head Office Enterprise-Class software and architecture enabling Global Visibility. Acuitas Retail: In store software Innovations: Lab software which automates prescription lens calculations and manages the process and business of lens manufacturing. position to withstand the consolidations happening within the industry,” said Mac Canna. “We are in a much better position now to invest in the next generation of systems.” He added the greater presence within the Canadian market will allow for improved innovation as CC Systems gets rolled into the 'corporate umbrella'. corporate identity of Ocuco and the company will become a single brand while maintaining the same customer and product support. Within the next year, Ocuco will release new modules that will continue to help labs run accurate and effective lens manufacturing lines. Mac Canna noted that it is important that industry recognize “WE MAKE MONEY FROM MAKING CUSTOMERS HAPPY.” More than 2,800 optical stores are currently running on Ocuco software. The systems are designed to be configurable and operate in multiple business environments. “The company is in a much better “The Canadian office continues to be a key location. We are not letting go of any staff and there is no plan to downsize.” Mac Canna said over the next six to 12 months clients will see CC Systems become part of the the benefits of working with independent companies like Ocuco. “It's a pure software company with a pure agenda,” he said. “We make money from making customers happy.” PRECISION MEETS SPORTINESS: CARBON T1 WITH A DECORATIVE ELEMENT MADE OF CARBON Optical Prism | November-December 2014 27