Optical Prism November - Page 23

"THE CHALLENGE IS BEING CONSISTENT AND TRUE TO YOUR BRAND’S ESSENCE." 5. As music changes, how do you see the direction of eyewear changing with it? The John Varvatos brand is rooted in rock 'n' roll, and the designs often draw inspiration from the past, repurposing the ideas into something entirely new. The resulting collections reflect the quality and attention-to-detail inherent in old world tailoring, while creating luxurious, comfortable product for a modern lifestyle. My eyewear designs will continue to mirror this inspiration, vision and direction that John has for the brand. 6. Fashion is always changing, but what never goes out of style? I believe that fashion is a continuity of reverting the past into the present – what goes around comes around, and most styles or trends come full circle. The challenge is being consistent and true to your brand’s essence. 7. Which musician from the past do you wish you had the chance to work with on a collection? One of my favorite musicians of all time is Jimi Hendrix. I would have loved work with him on an eyewear collection. 8. What music is playing while you are working? I’ve been listening to The Doors lately, and music from The Rolling Stones’ is always in rotation! 9. What accessory can you not live without? My phone! I use my phone to snap photos of things I’m inspired by, whether it’s art, architecture or my family. 10. This collection includes a partnership with The Ringo Starr Peace and Love Fund, why was this an important component of the collection? Both John Varvatos and Ringo Starr are wellknown for their remarkable charitable efforts, so I believe the campaign presented a great opportunity for them to support a cause such as The Ringo Starr Peace and Love Fund. 11. What can eyewear enthusiasts expect to see from John Varvatos Eyewear as we enter 2015? Next year, people can expect John Varvatos Eyewear to have smaller, more refined shapes, and even more old school rock 'n' roll inspiration. Optical Prism | November-December 2014 19