Optical Prism November - Page 16

Preview NEW CONCEPT Silmo 2014 releases have an exotic feel, inspired by plants, little creatures and exotic cars. V.Design 5700 Strelizia is inspired by the bird of paradise flower with it’s intricate temple details. V.Design 5717 Alizee features an asymmetrical design with beautifully blended gradient colours and laser cutouts. V.Design 5712 Esse, rimless model for men, is inspired by car racing and features a curve from a racing track on it’s temples. V.Design 5711 takes motifs from the Baroque era and transforms them into a stunning piece of eyewear. Other new models are 5687, 5703, 5704, 5706, 5707, 5708, 5709, 5710, 5715 and 5721. www.concepteyewear.com. 12 Optical Prism | November-December 2014